What I Miss About Travel

Quarantine grounded most of us. But for those whose lives (and livelihoods) depend on getting on an airplane, it has been particularly hard. For us, it’s one thing to not be traveling, but to not be able to take care of business has taken a frustrating toll. While we all spend hours around the clockContinue reading “What I Miss About Travel”

Vegas is Reopening

Las Vegas had a bustling reopening weekend, returning after more than two months of shutdown. Caesar is sporting a gold mask at the entrance to his namesake casino and there’s a giant hand-washing station on the casino floor at the Bellagio. Attractions and hotels were much busier than expected, motivating several local resort companies to speedContinue reading “Vegas is Reopening”

Equine Connection in Costa Rica

Don’t you just love spontaneous adventures?  Those unplanned, profound experiences that come at you out of nowhere.  Those are my favorite moments! Last year, I originally began my journey to Costa Rica for healing.  I was amped and ready for meditating, yoga, hiking to waterfalls and just finding myself again. I was completely prepared toContinue reading “Equine Connection in Costa Rica”

What is a Captivated Traveler

I am a Captivated Traveler.  Yes, I do love to travel, however it takes more than that to be captivated. What I am truly passionate about, what draws me in, what captivates my soul, is to explore new things, new places, new views, new people and cultures. I love experiences, discovering what makes each placeContinue reading “What is a Captivated Traveler”