Equine Connection in Costa Rica

Don’t you just love spontaneous adventures?  Those unplanned, profound experiences that come at you out of nowhere.  Those are my favorite moments!

Last year, I originally began my journey to Costa Rica for healing.  I was amped and ready for meditating, yoga, hiking to waterfalls and just finding myself again. I was completely prepared to challenge myself and embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle Costa Rica is so well known for.  What I found was so much more than I could have imagined.

I ended up experiencing something truly life changing. I visited Horse & Soul Connections at Finca Sweet Prince, an equine guided learning and guidance counseling center.  The facilitators, Marsha and Mark Friedman, are expert psychotherapists and horse professionals, who guided us into a whole new level of connecting mind, body and soul.  The knowledge and expertise they have in their profession is remarkable and shines through in their compassion with others and willingness to make a difference in the lives of those whom visit. Their own love and understanding of horses is what creates the inter-species connection. The combination is a life changing experience.

The horses are drawn to be a part of the healing process and the one whom can truly help you heal will choose you. The horses are the teachers and healers.

Learning to let go of control was the first lesson these magnificent creatures taught me. Trust was the second. Learning to trust in them was a very powerful lesson for me, once I truly gave it. These amazing animals were there for me to lean on, to let go and to release. They sensed things instinctively within me both emotionally and physically, forming a connection that nourished, inspired and revived my soul.

It never occurred to me that a spiritual connection with horses was possible. Learning how they simply live an uncomplicated life. Their capacity to harmonize and thrive with each other and live in the moment is a tribute to the pure spirit of the animal.

A truly transcending experience.



Do you have a Pura Vida experience to share?  Please tell us about your favorite Costa Rica moment.

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